Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tea-Stained Tag Tip

I told you that I would show you how you can add a little red ring to your homemade antiqued tags, so here it goes!  Now if you purchase the already pre-cut tags, you will get the little ring on the tag.  My problem is that when I do my tea-staining, that little ring comes off and I need to glue it back on.  Is it just me, or does this happen to you too (could be just me...who knows?)  

Anyway, since I cut my own tags from cardstock, then I found a fun little way to add that circle.  It may be 'faux', but I like it. This is how I do it:

Check out your personal stamp collection and find a circle stamp large enough to stamp over and around the hole in the tag.  I used to use a circle out the of Close To My Heart stamp set called, "Rustic Flowers".  But, (gasp!) I lost the little rustic circle out of it!  So today I searched through my tons of stamps and found a circle shape in the Close To My Heart stamp set called "Tee Time". Just in case you are wondering...yes, it's the golf ball  What can I say? It's the right size and worked out.  

The color of ink I used is called "Barn Red".  Yes, I also got that from Close To My Heart (I told you...I used to be a consultant.  I LOVE that company!).  Just choose any color that you think looks good with the tag.  I have even used shades of brown that compliment the tea or coffee stain.

Now, stamp them all out.  Put your stamp over the hole, lined up evenly on all sides..and stamp.  That's it!  I love it because it still gives the image of that circle, but it doesn't fall off.  I think it's cute.

Thanks for visiting!  Have fun tag-making!

If you don't feel like making the tags, but would love to have some of these on hand, these tags are listed HERE on Etsy!

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