Sunday, May 3, 2015

Crafter's Playground!

Guess where I get to go?  I'll give you a hint:  It's only like my favorite store in the entire world! Yep! You guessed it...Hobby Lobby!  

I was asked by a special someone to make some baby headbands.  I threw together a few trial ones from some supplies I had on hand...which admittedly, in this crafting area, were not plentiful, and not exactly what I think she was looking for.  Though I was limited, all I can say is, "Wow...addictive!" Sooo...naturally, I need more supplies. 

There are a few types of flowers that I saw online that I want to make and some patterns in my head that I want to try out (like the ones that have the cute mini flowers all the way around the narrow band! They are petit and precious!) When I find my favorite flower, I'll post directions here in the next week or two on how to make them yourself! Sound good?  

Check back to see (Or like my FB page to get the update:

Nature Supplies.

So, I have made fun little pendants out of these cute wood cuts for quite some time.  I love the variety and how neat they turn out.  Just a simple little craft makes for some very unique and special pieces.  That being said, pair up the craft with my love for essential oils, and naturally,  a lovely little aromatherapy pendant is formed!  Anyway, I have tested out this concept (with one of my favorite "joyful" blends).  I have a billion ideas rolling around in my head, so I have high-hopes that this will go well,  and I'll have more of them listed in my shop this week...:)  I'll keep you posted, of course! Thanks for looking!