Journaling 101

Journaling is important to scrapbooking. It captures details of the memory that a photo can't. How many times have we looked at a photo and said, "Well, that's little Timmy, but what were we doing that day?" or "Well, that is the day that little Timmy broke his arm, but I have no idea where we were at in that photo.".

We will always remember with journaling. It is like turning your photo album into a virtual diary!

You can journal things such as what Timmy said or felt like that day, or what flavor of ice cream he is holding.

Details bring us back to the moment later or make us feel like we were there...even if we weren't. We can write so much if we do it "now" because we will forget later.

Some folks say, "But I can't journal.", "I don't know what to say." Here are some tips for journaling your scrapbook pages:

*Capture the reader's eye...draw them in.

*Express yourself

*Add details even of the "little" things.
Such as "I bought these pants for $50% off today!"; "Lilly's favorite subject is math"; "Why I am thankful for..."

*Include your own handwriting!

*Add drawings, handwriting, etc. of children and others.

*Focus on the vision:

What are you trying to communicate from the photo? What do you want people to learn? What can you tell that can't be gleamed by looking at the photo? Was there a lessson to be learned?

*Direct quotes.

Does someone say something "all the time"? These are all things that could be added.

*Words of wisdom.

*Capture the everyday moments.

What if you don't have a lot to say about a photo, or you are scrapping photos that are from the past and you have already forgotten much?

*Dictionary definitions.

*Repititon with words..."I love you because..."; "You are special because..."

*A single word to capture the theme.

Sit down and brainstorm! Write down any and all details that come to mind about a photo. Feelings, emotions, knowledge about the event...Everything. Write without stopping for one minute. Then use what you have written as journaling ideas for the photo!

If you are like me and hate your own handwriting, you may cringe to think that you would add it to a page. However, just remember...your handwriting is an expression of yourself and may mean the world to others. It is a part of you, so don't hesitate to add it. Add other people's own handwriting as well...for the same it is an expression of them. Future generations will appreciate our handwriting even if we don't!

Use different forms of journaling ideas:

*journaling strips

*hidden pockets

*open/close flaps

*add real pieces that a subject wrote themselves....

Remember, journaling makes a great story! As Close To My Heart says, "Turn you work of art into a work of heart!"

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