Altered Art

Well, apparently my collage changed a tad from where it started.  I simply forgot what I had started out doing (and forgot that I posted the photo here), so here it is in its final glory.  Please enjoy!

My newest collage that will be for sale at when it is finished.  I will show you it here as I go along. Here it is in its mid stages:

I have a lot of little things left to do: aging, sparkle, accessorize, crackle.  But  I will try to post more photos as it comes along.

Here is a collage ACEO/Gift Tag that I just finished:

You can find it for sale here: Dakotacrafts

You will find that many people who scrapbook are also into Altered Art.  Who wouldn't be?  There are countless ways to express yourself through this type of craft and I have found no restrictions, or rules, rather, with the only exception being in the area of  ATC's or ACEO's (Artist Trading Cards) in which case, the size of the base is restricted to 2.5" x 3.5".  But other than that, anything goes with Altered Art!
I hope to get some artists to allow me to display some of their altered art work here in the future, but for now, I will show some of what I have made.

Some are display boards that can be framed, some trinkets.  I get into doing tags, so you will see a few of those.

The first three photos are of ACEO's.  ACEOs are ATC (Artist Trading Cards) that are for sale.  All three of the following cards were sold.  You can sign up for ATC groups and that is where artists trade ATCs.  It is like trading baseball cards, per say.  I think that it is a really neat idea.  As stated above, the cards must measure 2.5" X 3.5" to qualify...and they cannot be sold (otherwise, they are to be called an ACEO)....But other than that, anything goes!



Here is an ATC that I have to offer for trade or it will eventually be up for sale as an ACEO:

Here is a site I just found that explains a bit about ATCs:

Also, my favorite altered art artist's site:

Tim Holtz (Amazing!)

This is my favorite piece for display or framing:

 The ones shown below are from my "vintage image collection".  Enjoy!



Many of the stamps and paper that I used on this come from Close To My Heart. The photo is rather dark and so they cannot be seen as well as I would like.

A close up photo (still dark, sorry!)  As you can see, I have used charms, sparkles, stamped images, an old library card, string....Pretty much anything goes!



My favorite tag (below):


Make sure that if and when you use photos downloaded from the internet, you have permission to do so, and especially if your are offering your item for sale.  There are a lot of great sites that allow you to use certain images that they have set aside for you..for free!  A couple of the sites that I love to visit for free images are:

I find that altered puzzle pieces are very charming.  They can be time-consuming in some ways, but are very fun and rewarding to do.  I have sold them to people with permission to do with them whatever they please...whether it be for jewelry or to add to another art piece.

I am working on an Altered Art Journal that I will post photos of.  I hope I love it when it is done.  The most wonderful thing about altered art is that everything just falls into place.  I mean, I rarely have a concrete idea of how I am planning to have something look before it is done.  Rather, I have a basic idea of what I want to make and then....just do it.  I decide as I go.  That is the beauty of art.  You just create.

Okay, so that is the start.  I don't really know what I am doing, but I'm just kind of going with this....

Here are some new tags that I just finished.

Shown below are some ACEOs that I did.  I decided to hang them by some pretty fibers so that one can display them on the wall if they don't collect ACEOs, but would rather want as a decor item:

These and more are listed for sale on Etsy at
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