Sunday, February 23, 2014

And Woman Came To Be..

Just wanted to share my newest paper collage.

I am happy with the beautiful orange colors.  They remind me of a comforting Autumn day.  Perhaps I am anxious for winter to be over and looking forward to some warmer weather!
Hope you enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do you just love banana bread?  I do!  LOVE, love, love it...and so does the family. Here is a super-great banana bread recipe that I found on 

It is so, so moist.  It doesn't even have to sit overnight for the flavors to be amazing!  I have made it many times and have substituted the sour cream with both mayonnaise or yogurt when I didn't have the sour cream on hand. Both substitutions worked great. 

Try it out!  I am thinking you will love it too! And thanks, Janet, whoever you may be, for sharing a fantastic recipe with the world!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Paper Mache World

Okay, so I love paper mache.  Well, actually I simply love working with paper mache.  I think it is so much fun.  The entire concept amazes me.  Ripped paper, a bowl of goop and "Poof!"...a new creation.   The problem is:  I haven't found all too many paper mache projects that I really love.  I love the art...but the projects...not so much.  Except two.  I love paper mache sculptures of people and sometimes animals (including dolls), and I sometimes like paper mache bowls.  Now happily, I have finally added a third. I enjoy making paper mache bracelets! 

Designed/Created & Photos by Dakotacrafts

What happened is this:  I have wanted to create a paper mache doll/sculpture for several years. When I was a child, I remember a couple of spanish-styled sculpture dolls that my mother had on a shelf. I loved them.  I thought they were so creative...and made from paper.  Simply amazing. 

I have thought about them over the years, but have never actually sat down to try one out.  I don't know why. I have made several other paper mache projects.  A few I somewhat liked.  Most I didn't. I almost gave up on the art completely, but something about it keeps drawing me back. Maybe it's my love of paper. Maybe it's relaxing.  I don't know.   but I do know that it is pretty fun.  

Designed/Created & Photos by Dakotacrafts

Recently I had been working on a polymer clay doll.  My first ever.  In fact, it is really the first time I have ever messed around with polymer clay.  I was quite happy with the way it was progressing.   I would post a photo, but as horror would have it, one of my dogs decided it would be fun to chew on.  Or chew up. Anyway, the night before that happened, I had been planning in my head how I was going to start to make the clothes the following morning.  I was debating between the fabric ones like what the tutorial called for...or whether I should go for paper mache.  The idea of paper mache clothing intrigued me somewhat. I decided that I would make two.  That way I could create them both ways and see which one I liked better. 

Upon finding my apparently tasty doll in shreds the following day, I decided that since paper mache was on my mind anyway, I would sit down and play around with it...maybe to get back into the 'paper mache' mode or something.

Somehow or another I decided to re-try the art of paper mache bracelets again.  I had tried it before, but couldn't decide if they were cool-looking, or if I just wanted them to be because I had come up with the idea myself.  

Anyway, I think I am happy with them this time around as a fun art project:

Designed/Created & Photos by Dakotacrafts

And my latest idea...the paper mache wine bottle bracelet..:)  

Designed/Created & Photos by Dakotacrafts

Hope you Enjoy!

All of these (and a few more) can be found for sale here.  I actually have several more to list, but haven't yet.  Most likely I have gotten temporarily distracted and that is why.  Yep...I'll go with distracted.  That's me! 

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