Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poseidon's (Neptune's) Throne

Okay, so I love any opportunity to try to make something out paper mache.  Even though, I will admit, that I don't really like a lot of things that are paper-mache projects overall.  I do like the paper mache bracelets that I made, and I finally got down some earrings that were acceptable.  I also liked a birdhouse that I made once.  It looked like real stone!  And I really want to acomplish some papaer mache dolls someday.  They have been on my "to do" list for like a decade now.

Anyway, that being said, anything is possible with paper mache (and I mean anything!  Even substituting it for drywall in a pinch when repairing a wall. Ummm...but that is a whole different story, and uh, don't tell my husband that the wall patch is paper mache).

So you can imagine my excitement when my son asked me to help him figure out how he can make Poseidon's throne out of paper mache for a school project. Imagine my dismay when he told me he basically waited until the last minute to get it done...ugh.

Hello?  Paper Mache requires drying time, ya' know? (Seriously, that's what hair blowers are for.)

Okay, so I gave him ideas for the throne to start with carboard boxes for the general shape and then build upon that.  Jello boxes for the arm-rests, by the way...:)

Well, here it is!  Remember, The paint was drying overnight before he had to take it in the next day, so there was no time for any touching up!  Like, the chair was supposed to be like a green-gray marble, but it didn't quite turn out the way he wanted.  That being said though, I think he had the right idea for the chair overall. ;)

I personally like the twigs near the top that are supposed to represent coral.  There is a multi-headed sea creature on one arm and a crab creature on the other.  The color-scheme was required. So, there you have it:  Poseidon's Throne:

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