Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Other Things I Love!

I love crafting.  I love handmade.  However, I do most of my crafting in the colder months when I can stay inside and keep cozy and warm. In the warmer months, I have other interests that I take pride and find happiness in.  One of those interests is my Scentsy business.  

I'm not going to lie to you....I LOVE SCENTSY!  It could almost be described as an addiction.  But if it is, then it is a very positive one! The amazing scents that Scentsy offers creates and/or brings back wonderful memories and comfortable feelings.  My favorite "Scentsy time" is when I am cleaning.  I just LOVE a good smell while cleaning!

I am mentioning Scentsy for a few reasons:  

1) Because I just love it so much...I LOVE sharing it with others, 

2) Because I'm trying to increase my online exposure, and would love for you to share my site, and 

3) Because I am hosting an online Scentsy Party right now and want to invite all of my online friends!

My party is to celebrate the July special "Bring Back My Bars".  20 favorite scent bar scents that were voted back for this month only!

How does Bananarama, Coconut Palm or Rev'd Up Raspberry sound?  That is only three of the amazing scents that the BBMB special is hosting!  

But there are over 80 more scents to choose from and so everybody is sure to find more than one that they can't live without!  (LOL...okay, well...that is how I like to describe it!)

I invite you all to attend my BBMB Summer Party!  It will be open for one week and be closed on July 23rd.  All you need to do is visit my site, click on the BBMB Summer Party tab at the top of the page and then sit back and enjoy yourselves! Check out all of the amazing warmers, laundry items, bath and body beauties, and of course...the fabulous scents!

Don't forget to invite your friends!

After the 23rd, your items will be shipped to you straight from Scentsy!

Also, if you are interested, please email me at (Scentsy in the title) and I will share with you my own personal specials that I am also offering during the month of July only!  They are fantastic!

Please join me in all this Scentsy fun!

Also, follow me on Facebook under Scented Delight!

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