Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project Lights

Okay, so I saw this lovely decor piece on Pinterest and decided that I had to make now.  Here is a photo of it:

Isn't it nice?  I was sucked in by the lights...and the trees...and the wood. Yep. I love it.  Anyway, I have my wood painted.  I had two (not three as shown) huge framed pieces already waiting to be used for something (what a blessing, eh?) and I think two will work great for me, because we have a small space, and the final project is so big.  

I hinged the pieces together already.  I knew those cute little 'aged' hinges would come in handy.  I couldn't throw them away no matter how hard I tried to talk myself into it!  Thank goodness!.

I gathered my branches.  They definitely need to be pruned down just as soon as I figure out how I want them placed.  Mine are a bit thicker than the ones shown in the photo, but I think they will work out just fine.  This is the part that I will drive myself batty over because I will change it like 50 million times to try to decide what will look if I am trying to search for the 'one' perfect way it has to be done, while not realizing that the 49,999,999 other ways that I already tried probably looked fine too. Anyone who knows me knows that this is how I am!

I will get photos posted today of my progress just as soon as my camera finds its way home (left it in the!). I will say, that I wish Martha Stewart II (my mom) was here to 
sprinkle her magic decorating fairy dust that just falls from her fingertips and my branches would be arranged perfectly with no deciding!

Anyway, stop back to see photos and follow my progress. You will probably laugh at me as I am not quickest in the 'know-how' area if you know what I mean! Like I say though, even if I take the long road, as long as it gets done, then it was a great journey!

Have a great day!